Dog Training

In Home Training

  • Personalized training in the comfort of your home.
  • Allows your dog to learn easy and quick housebreaking rules
  • Any Behaviors or bad habits can be addressed where they are happening.
  • The entire family will be able to learn the skills necessary to stop unwanted behavior, including the children learning dog safety.
  • Basic to Intermediate to Advanced training
  • Addressing problem behaviors like fear, aggression, separation anxiety, and reactivity and barking.

Six or Eight week package’s Available

  • Includes the first session being a 90 minute evaluation and training session.
  •  6 week packages options are Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Training, once your dog master’s the Basic’s you may move on to Level 2 – (intermediate level training) starting at $280 and Level 3 (advanced level training) starting $280
  • Paid in full once the evaluation session is completed.
  • 6 week – Starting at $280
  •  8 week starting at $380 (Recommended for Behavior Modification)

Other Services

  • Single Evaluations  Starting at $65.00
  • Single Training Sessions Starting at $65.00
  • Flyer specials – price indicated will be honored*
  • Maintenance Packages also available, customized to your dog, recommended for dog’s with behavior/reaction issues* – Fee’s discussed when custom package is created.
  • Therapy dog preparation classes – Starting at $55.00 per session.
  • Service Dog preparation training includes basic, intermediate & advanced obedience – starting at $65.00 per session or a package can be purchased starting at $390 each session Total package – $1170


Group Training Lessons Available upon request

6 Week Sessions, prices vary as to how many dogs participating. Weekend workshops will also be offered through invite. (Average price starting at $30 per dog.)

  • You and your dog will learn how to remain focused around other people and unfamiliar dogs.
  • Basic training to Intermediate                                                           
  • Verbal and hand signals will be applied
  • Controlled walking and walking on a loose leash
  • Starting the training process for reliable recalls

*Positive Reinforcement is rewarding your dog for desirable behaviors which in turn increases the good behavior to be repeated.