A Strong Recall/Touch Keeps Your Dog Safe

Luna a 6 month old yellow lab is on her way to perfecting a reliable recall/touch cue. This is one of the most important cue’s to teach your dog. It could safe its life.  Great job Luna!!!        

Diesel Getting A Little Help From His Friends

Working with Diesel a 4 year Boston Terrier on fearing unfamiliar dogs. Molly and Gizmo are great role models for our boy Diesel. With patience and positive experiences Diesel will soon have the confidence every well balance dog has.        

Success for Moe!!

Congratulations to Moe  and his wonderful owners Kathy and Erwin for Completing our 6 week Basic Obedience Training!!!   We have been working with Moe for about 4 weeks working on counter conditioning and desensitization for the fear he has with shopping carts. Within this short period of time we have him comfortably walking besides … Continue reading “Success for Moe!!”

With a little help from Katie, success for Lokie

Lokie is a handsome fella rescued a few years back that we are helping to become a bit more confident around unfamiliar dogs and people. Katie is helping as the neutral dog in this session. With proper introduction and patience, Lokie is on the road to success!  

Little Man Boo

What can we say about this little guy other than he is just the cutest little man ever. Boo will be graduating soon from our Puppy class and will move  on to our basic obedience classes. He is a delight to work with as is his loving family. Our weekly in home visit’s are just … Continue reading “Little Man Boo”

Meet Moe

Moe  a hound mix about 2 years old was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services by two wonderful people who want to help him become a well balanced dog. Moe has had a rough start at life but has hit the lotto with his new mom and dad. Though humans have not been nice to … Continue reading “Meet Moe”